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Glaucoma treatment

Northern Poland Animal Eye Center Lew


Free glaucoma examination!

Glaucoma is a progressive, very often unnoticed, eye disease, which leads to increasing losses in visual field and complete blindness in dogs.
Glaucoma may also have acute course and then it is accompanied by pain in the eyes. Early diagnosis and prophylactic treatment may prevent your dog from blindness.

Glaucoma surgery

Drainage procedures

  • gonioskopy
  • radial iridectomy
  • basal iridectomy
  • cyclodialysis
  • anterior and posterior sclerectomy

Filtration procedures

  • Holth’s and Weeker’s iridencleisis
  • anterior and posterior sclerotomy/sclerectomy

Implantation procedures (shunts)

  • Ahmed glaucoma valve dreinage devices or without valve – eg Molteno

Cyklodestructive procedures

  • cyklocryotherapy


  • evisceration with intraocular implantation
  • enucleation with intraorbital implantation
  • exenteration